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Szczegóły Oferty: Wifi+GSM/3G Home Care Alarm System K10
Wifi+GSM/3G Home Care Alarm System K10

Nazwa produktu: Wifi+GSM/3G Home Care Alarm System K10
Numer modelu: K10
Minimalne zamównienie: 1
Dodano: 2017-04-13

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K10 is not a traditional alarm,it has intelligent recognize function,when host come back with smart phone,K10 will change to stay mode automatically,don't need to find remote control etc. to change stay or disarm again.A completely different Wifi+Gsm/3G Home Care Alarm System,no need any professional technology,anyone can use it smoothly.One App include all,also compatible with our other alarms and cameras,make the whole family more security and suitable.
Much Safer,more reliable and professional,cloud server make it more stability.Not only for home sercurity,also for family care,it is a new life method,a good partern of kids and elderly people.

Ø  Intelligent recognize,automatically change to stay mode when host back home;
Ø  Much safer, more reliable,more professional;
Ø  Support (Cloud+App+SMS) alert;
Ø  Very easy for setting via App,even children could do it;
Ø  App recognize and match the device intelligently,QR code encryption to share the device with family;
Ø  Alert message push on the App for optional;
Ø  Small App cover more function such as parameter setting and adding wireless sensor,remote control,RFID Card…
Ø  Time to change arm/disarm/stay mode,even time via weekly.
Ø  Always on-line even wifi missing,it will change to GPRS or 3G connecting with cloud automatically;
Ø  Special doorbell function,App remind the vistor coming even not at home or don’t hear the doorbell sound.
Ø  Support 99 zones for sensors, max 9 remote controls and 9 RFID card
and 5 door bells;
Ø  Support 9 authorized numbers for receiving alert.
Ø  Support SMS setting parameters too.
Ø  K10 could work with our cameras together,App monitor the on-site video directly. For expample,door bell function for checking the vistor.
Ø  Self-checking and report device status.
Ø  Support SIMcard balance checking function.
For more information please feel free to contact us:
Ali Trade Manager:cn220076270
QQ: 1270575154

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