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Szczegóły Oferty: GSM Apartment Intercom K6S
GSM Apartment Intercom K6S

Nazwa produktu: GSM Apartment Intercom K6S
Numer modelu: K6S
Minimalne zamównienie: 1
Dodano: 2017-04-13

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The K6S is a new type fashion designed access control system, it supports dial to open the door with free call charge, can remote open the door for visitors, very suitable for different office, villas and public occasion…
Most important ,it have a inside DIN input for inside fast opening the door, such as fast open by pressing button.
The GSM Access Control inbuilt an industrial quad band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM Module and 3G module, supports up to 200 authorized phone numbers to open the door.

1, 9-15V power supply
2, GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3G/4G optional
3, One DIN input for opening the door inside, press to open the door
4, One key to dial, press to call the first 5 authorization numbers. If it is connected ,press # to open the door.
5, 200 authorized telephone numbers, each number can be called in to open the door in the setting period.
6, After the authorized number calls in to open the door, it can send SMS to inform users.
7, The opening time can be set for 0-999 seconds. 0 indicates that the relay is closed for 0.5 seconds then it breaks off. 999 indicates that the relay is closed all the time, until the authorized number calls in again, then it breaks off.
8, Query the current state of the device via SMS (relay status and GSM signal value)
9, Have timed self-test.The current state of the host can be sent to the first user via SMS at regular time.
10, Use clock on the modules. Each time the host will send a SMS to correct the time after starting.
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