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Szczegóły Oferty: Water Bike For Sale
Water Bike For Sale

Nazwa produktu: Water Bike For Sale
Numer modelu: Size:1580*2550*300mm
Pakowanie: Drum cloth, non-woven fabric wooden
Dodano: 2016-02-16

LLDPE material water bike rides,have 1,2 and 3 riders to choose.
1.Rate load:3 riders
2.Size: 1580*2550*300mm
4.Load weight:400kg
5.Material:LLDPE++stainless steel
6.Package:Drum cloth, non-woven fabrics,iron racks and wooden crates packing
8.Pay Terms:T/T,L/C
9.Water cycling originated in Canada, comfortable, safe, its seat height can be adjusted,
handlebar racing type, easy to manipulate around the pedal, the pedal can move forward
or back everything freely, if you feel the fatigue, but also stoppedfeet in the water
"suspended", very leisurely. Riding the water bike is very lightweight, can reach 8-12 km
per hour, but you need not worry about its security, it will never be "roll-over" dangerous,
and there is no strict age limit, all ages. The water bike can be a single person driving.

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