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Szczegóły Oferty: two component convex vibrating line marking paint
two component convex vibrating line marking paint

Nazwa produktu: two component convex vibrating line marking paint
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Dodano: 2013-05-15

two component convex vibrating line marking paint
From the production point of view of U.S. manufacturers, whether large, medium, small marking machine are a single production, namely, the production of thermoplastic marking machine manufacturers do not produce cold paint coating equipment, production of cold paint marking machine The manufacturers do not produce thermoplastic marking machine. Large car crossed machine production in the United States more and broader use. The German crossed manufacturers are production can be of zoned hot and cold material machinery, cold or hot crossed device that can be replaced as needed. Britain, France, mainly as a single production.
Looking at the trends of developed countries crossed large dedicated scribe drive hydraulic transmission, hydraulic brake, electronic control intermittent lines, airless spray crossed. Thermoplastic marking machine hot melt tank heating conducting oil pump cycle heating and insulation. For the detection of marking baseline, mainly because foreign crossed the car as a marking tool crossed faster, the main places of the human eye visual discrimination.
It was used more commonly abroad for the hot-melt type marking machine. Hot melt road marking machine for brushing hot melt reflective coatings, paint pavement and strong bonding effect of retro reflective. Marking machine technical requirements such structural materials used, since China is only the introduction of individual regions such machinery, made no ideal models. Ordinary road lines marking machine due to adequate sources of raw materials, low prices, convenient to use and transport, is relatively simple to the functional requirements of the marking machine, road maintenance in the country, especially the dominant urban road maintenance.

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Od 21. grudnia 2008 roku, tłumaczone na język polski są opisy produktów wyłącznie tych eksporterów, którzy posiadają członkostwo typu SPRAWDZONY lub PREMIUM.