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Szczegóły Oferty: Vacuum negative pressure station ZF series
Vacuum negative pressure station ZF series

Nazwa produktu: Vacuum negative pressure station ZF series
Numer modelu: product size
Pakowanie: product Package
Dodano: 2012-09-14

vacuum pump station(ie vacuum-producing device or vacuum negative pressure station ) is a kind of whole sets for storing vacuum , which is composed of one or two water ring vacuum pumps as the device for obtaining vacuum and the vacuum container device for storing vacuum . When the vacuum resource is required constantly and the suction capacity is not required a lot, using the ZF package unit can save more energy than using the vacuum pump directly and it can improve the vacuum pump lifetime efficiently.

The ZF series package units are used as the vacuum resource in large and middle demostic hospitals.They are used extensively as the vacuum station in the chemical and pharmacy, or the canning system in the light industry, or the negative molding of the rubber object in automobile area, or the vacuum resource of the flammable resistant transmittion in mine coal, or the vacuum resource for the molding area etc.

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