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Shenzhen Blueberry Health Industry Co.,ltd
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Numer modelu: QWI-011
Pakowanie: gifted
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Dodano: 2016-09-13

Good water is rich in minerals. Its molecular shape is hexagonal. it is alkaline water that has a
good amount of energy and eliminates active oxygen.
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared, "80% of diseases that currently exist on earth have
a correlation with water." Therefore, good health starts with drinking good water.

A wise choice for health & well-being.

Mineral Alkaline Water contains small water molecule clusters of 55Hz ~ 50Hz, making it taste smooth when you drink it. The smaller the cluster size, the finer the molecule structure. Therefore, it has a higher activity level to dissolve and expel stored up acidic wastes out of our body.

ORP becomes greater as it goes down the level to -mV. Regular water has +300mV ~ +500mV. In contrast, Mineral Alkaline Water has an ORP of -150mV ~ -500mV, therefore transforming our acidic body into an alkaline one.
ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
ORP is the tendency of a molecule (water in this instance) to acquire electrons and thereby be reduced.
Why choose it?
this model with the following advantages:

1. Full touch sensor screen, easy to operate.
2. 8 inch LCD with cartoon dynamic display pH, ORP, filter life time etc.
3. Active Carbon filter with buit-in chip, avoid mis-display of filter life caused by wrong operation
4.Stylish and contemporary design
6.126 levels Fine tuning of pH
7.Constant current and voltage output ensure more stable working performance
8.Energy-saving design
9.One-touch filter replacement
10.Hydraulic Printing Surface with Antifouling treatment, very durable
11.User-friendly control panel
12.Automatic reverse cleaning
13.LED Filter replacement indicator
14.Japanese platinum baked titanium electrode and ceramic Nano-ionic membrane
15.Activated carbon filter from US with NSF approval
16.pH: 4-10 (Reference value, differ from different water quality)
17.ORP: -550(MAX)
18.Certification: CE, NSF

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